London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. The London region is the largest of Europe, with over 13 million habitants and 300 spoken languages.

The heart of London is very interesting, with many museums and historical buildings. You can have a great city view from the London Eye, Europe’s biggest ferry wheel. From there you cross the Thames and walk to the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey church, where Prince William and Princess Kate and many other British Royals married.

The Thames is the central river through London. One of the bridges over the Thames is the famous Tower Bridge, built in the 19th century. The Tower Bridge is again a great piece of London’s rich history. At the end of the bridge is the Tower of London, a castle with the Royal Jewels.

And what about Buckingham Palace, the home of the British Queen Elisabeth? The Royal Guard is watching her back, dressed in red, rotating their guarding hours with a ceremonial shift of services. This ceremony is a daily special event you don’t want to miss.

London is also famous for its English football culture. There are 14 (!) professional football teams in the city, including 6 Premier League sides, such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. London has the Wembley Stadium too, with 90.000 seats one of the biggest in the world. Zopfi Travel can book you football tickets, if you tell us wich team(s) you like to see.

We didn’t mention typical London things yet, like the red busses, the red telephone booths, the English policemen with their funny hats, the black London cabs, the large amount of theaters and classic shopping centers like Harrods.. London is a city to enjoy!

Click on the pictures to have a close look.

Looking for modern football or classic history? London is the city to be!

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