Service is the most important aspect of our travel work. Here is what some of our clients say about us:

"Thank you Zopfi Travel. It has been really fun to do business with you, Marten and Niels. Thank you for accompanying us and to be a good friend in our circle. We will contact Zopfi Travel again when traveling to Europe"
Mrs. Maya Ismayawati, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
"Our tour guide, Marten, was friendly, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and very flexible when we wanted to make adjustments on our schedule. We also appreciate he's being very neat & made sure every night / morning before our ride, the car would be cleaned. Marten can communicate in basic Indonesian, so it was easier for my wife to ask questions, such as choosing a restaurant, etc. The car we used was also comfortable. My family and I really enjoyed the trip with Zopfi Travel. Lots of success, Zopfi Travel 😁"
Mr. Popo Hendratmo, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan (Indonesia)
"We were very gratefull with ALL ZOPFI TRAVEL services provided to us from arranging the perfect itinerary before start our holiday, also we are very happy to have a very friendly tour guide as well during our trip. Zopfi Travel really understood what our family need about food, flexibility about time, and frequently taking a lot of picture😉 So overall we just want to say that we,ve never regret to choose ZOPFI TRAVEL for our trip.. Thank qiu very much for everything..😘😘"
Mrs. Vita Octavia, Tangerang (Indonesia)
"My family is very grateful for Zopfi Travel, that has been very convenient for our trip. Thank you Niels and Marten"
Mr. Rayhan Pohan, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Overall we enjoy the trip. Very flexible and private. Unlike when you join the big tour with tight schedule and in a hurry. Though the cost is higher but its worth it"
Mr. Vincentius Hakim Kwee, Tangerang (Indonesia)
"Niels as our local guide, he was very good at guiding us. Patient and very flexible European guide, he is excellent as a guide for Asian people – especially Indonesian tourists. Very recommended.."
Mr. John Daniel, Tangerang (Indonesia)
Owner The Leader Tour & Travel
"Marten was the most experienced tour guide I ever experienced. Itinerary is very short, relaxing and compact, but very pleasant trip"
Mr. Mintardjo Djoko, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Do not hesitate to use Zopfi. One of the best Private Travel Services. Humble guide, full service. As the wise say: "It's a Zopfi Travel service" "
Mr. Roni Sutama Sitinjak, Bandung (Indonesia)
"Travelling with a family of 8, including children and grandparents, and 11 suitcases, has been very easy and pleasant 🙂😍, especially because of the excellent service of Zopfi Travel. From the pickup in Zurich untill the end in Amsterdam. Our private driver and tour guide Stefan was super friendly, patient, kind, understanding, and was always taking care of our comfort and safety during our trip to several cities and countries in Europe (Zurich, Colmar, Strasbourg, Paris, Montmartre, Bruges, Haarlem, Amsterdam). We’ve even made some surprise visits compared to the initial plan, like Titisee and the Rhine Falls, which created special memories for our family ❤️. Zopfi Travel owner Marten was very communicative from the beginning, and he prepared everything in detail. It was a pleasure to meet him and have dinner together in Haarlem at the end of our trip. See you in Jakarta or Europe Marten 🙏🙏! Kind regards from the Soepardi family"
Mrs. Yuliah Hasanah, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"The travel who understand your needs. Highly recommended if you want to have your own private tour"
Mrs. Mona Jonathan, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Exciting! Friendly! If given more fortune, we want to travel again with Zopfi Travel! Thank you for the great experience in EU Mr. Marten , Mr. Daan and last but not least, Stefan!! 👍"
Mr. Raja Narotama Hasibuan, Jakarta (Indonesia
"Choosing Zopfi Travel for our private tour was very good for my family. Because my children were happy with the close contact with the family. We really enjoyed travelling in several countries in Europe with the very friendly and patient tour guide. We appreciated Stefan, Daan and Marten. We could choose the area that we wanted to visit, without being tightly bound by our travel schedule including eating in restaurants that suited our tastes. Lovely and very wonderful travel with Zopfi. Europe is a wonderful memory for our family. Thank you so much. This Zopfi Travel very highly recommended for those family who need privacy and intimate"
Mrs. Duma Riana Suta, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Jason, Stefan, Marten... Terima kasih for your hospitality during our trip, i couldn’t believe we manage to do our crazy routes (even Stefan and Jason added surprise routes that we enjoy a lot)... The Kids and Opa really enjoy our trip (the ibu-ibu, pak and me surely did)... The choosen apartments, minivans, hotels, foods, trains and flight were the best possible. Your flexibility to bend the route is second to none ! Thankfully we got more than we should and lovely trip with all the beautiful experiences will stay in our heart forever 😍😍 Hope to see you again in the next routes 🙂🙂"
Mr. Ronny Jufernison, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Thank you Zopfi Travel, an amazing experience, friendly service, a humble guide, a well-organized schedule, and a reasonable price"
Ms. Magdalena Nadeak, Surabaya (Indonesia)
"Every year during a school holiday, we always take a family trip, either inside or outside Indonesia. Everytime we go to a foreign county, we always use the service of an Indonesia travel company. We were not satisfied with the travel service.. because it is difficult to arrange the time and destination according to what we want.. Ah.. incidentally, one of my friends mentioned about Zopfi Travel and gave their contact. I asked my husband to directly contact this travel agent. There is a funny story about it: actually the friend who informed me about Zopfi Travel hasn’t used their service.. In short, we decided to do a holiday trip around London with Zopfi Travel. Our choice to visit London, of course, came from our son, who just graduated from high school.. Wow.. we just impulsively went around London with a travel company which we didn’t know before. It turns out.. amazing, our choice was right! Apparently, Zopfi Travel is exactly the travel company that we wish for.. we can arrange the destination that we wanted to visit.. really ‘private’, walking around in the city of London like walking in our own city. We didn’t feel like a foreigner, the feeling that we have during a big group tour.. Oh yes, and about food, we can arrange on our own.. therefore, the whole trip was really delightful. Another unforgetable experience was watching a Premier League match between Manchester United and Crystal Palace in the stadium of Manchester, Old Trafford. Zopfi Travel arranged it all so we can watch the match together with the ‘100 club’ and feel ‘private’. My son and husband are football lovers.. but I am actually never watch any football game.. because of Zopfi Travel, I can watch it, even directly at the Manchester Old Trafford stadium.. ha.. ha.. ha.. In short, Zopfi Travel can make travelling become a really nice journey like we are in our own country. In addition, the ‘tour guide’ Marten Zopfi is really considerate and concern about our comfort."
Mr. Iben Bermansyah & Mrs. Ria Nova, Palembang (Indonesia)
"Incredible 👍👍 During the tour, I was with my aunt who could not walk far, so I needed to use a wheelchair. Surely there are limitations to movement and travel. But all of that was overcome because of the following: 1. You can set the schedule as you want 2. Very flexible to choose where to eat and what type of food. We wanted to stop to buy snacks too. So we looked for one that was wheelchair friendly. 3. The tour guide is very nice and friendly. It’s nice to chat, take photos in good spots, and share them with Google Drive. 😁 4. He looks for a wheelchair friendly road too. And if you are tired, you can ask the guide for help to push. 😝 5. Guide can speak a little bahasa, so I didn’t always need to translate it for my mom and dad, who don’t speak English. Anyway very satisfied with travelling with Zopfi Travel! I recommend you to try this! 👍"
Mr. Edwin Caesario, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
"We took a Eurostar train from London to Brussels and when we arrived the Zopfi brothers, Marten and Nico, welcomed us. They are two outgoing and fun guys. We started the tour by exploring the city of Brussels. We went together with two flexible tour guides, which were suitable for us who are already grandparents, it was really pleasant. Zopfi Travel brought us around with a big and comfortable van. Nico is a really smart guide and really considerate, he took care of the 6 of us patiently. Marten, the brother, is also really smart in arranging the itinerary and bringing us to the best places in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. It was a really memorable holiday, thank you Marten and Nico. We will tell our friends and family who will have holidays to Europe about Zopfi Travel. All the best for Zopfi Travel!"
Mrs. Yayoe, Bandung (Indonesia)
"It’s been a long journey, but finally we can make it because of you guys. Special thanks to tour guide Edith, you are really a MacGyver woman! Thanks a lot for making our dreams come true Zopfi Travel. We hope that we can arrange another trip with you again. And if there’s anybody who wants to enjoy the trip like us.. you can contact Zopfi Travel."
Ms. Widastuti Dharmapala, Bali (Indonesia)
"Our family trip to Europe in Jan 2017 was an excellent one. My family enjoyed it very much and had a great experience. The success of our holidays was largely due to the right selection of our travel support, Zopfi Travel, in meeting our specific wishes for a family holiday in Europe. A family trip with 3 children and parents wanted to have a comfortable trip, without all the hassles carrying luggages if we were to take public transportation ie. Train and Bus. That being flexible enough in term of timing, selection of places to go, own privacy, local knowledge expert, and within a reasonable budget. Given that we bought the airline tickets in advance, it was challenging to have those requirements met after several exploration with other both local and overseas travel agents. We found Zopfi Travel through the internet and excited to learn that the service provided is exactly what we needed. At first, we were skeptical about the company, however after reading the testimonies and engaging directly with the owner, Marten, we were quite comfortable and finally decided to proceed with the travel arrangement for our family. Marten and Edith (our travel guide & driver for ten days), were very helpful and friendly, they helped to set and suggest the itinerary what are best for our family. This is much appreciated as we do not have much knowledge about Europe. During the trip itself, the van ride was comfortable and also supplied with free lots of bottled water for the trip. We also had a chance to experience local activities such as riding local transportation ie. trams and sub-ways, and also the local food in a number of cities. Our driver, Edith, also is very friendly and can fit and communicate with our children well. Overall, it was a good experience and we were glad to have Zopfi travel with us. Would recommend Zopfi travel for those who wish to have a different level of experience for a family or group trip exclusively."
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Megawati, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"A fun travel is where we can feel safe, comfortable, and we can count on our travel mate. That’s why we choose to travel with Zopfi Travel. As a client, we’re given a chance to explore our crazy ideas in our trip. Marten Zopfi as the Owner of Zopfi Travel and as our guide at that time is very open to our ideas, in a certain sense Marten helps us by giving a lot of information about unique and important things which is not much exposed by others when in Europe. Due to consideration, Mahabbah Tour decides to cooperate with Zopfi Travel, and we are now officially a partner and Zopfi Travel representative in Indonesia since 2016. Never hesitate to travel with Zopfi Travel, and make your memories become never-ending stories."
Mr. Dimas Lukito - Visa agent, Jakarta (Indonesia)
Client & Partner / Dimas Lukito on Instagram
"The best Europe tour experience with Zopfi Travel. Our family tour had great service from the first day we arrived until the last day going back to Indonesia. We had flexible day time with Zopfi Travel so we can manage our destinations, and we choose to do more shopping than visit museums (lol). 🙂 We meet Marten as the guide and the driver from our arrival at the Rome airport. He guided us in city tours at Rome, Pisa, Venice, Milan (including keeping an eye on our time schedule as we planned to visit the entire San Siro Stadium and still want to do a lot of shopping), Switzerland and Geneva. Then the last four days before we're going back to Indonesia we meet Martjin at the Geneva airport, he guided us to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Den Haag. Marten is a very good guy: he gave us the best service plus he can talk Indonesian well so we had a good conversation. Martijn is funny and he can quickly learn Bahasa Indonesia. The service from Marten and Martijn was the same so you don't have to be afraid if they do a guide change. The hotels depend on your wishes. If you want low cost hotels Zopfi Travel can find you a low cost hotel with good facilities. Overall we are very satisfied with Zopfi's tour and travel service.. See you again Marten and Martijn 🙂 "
Mrs. Anggia Fitri Widyani, Bandung (Indonesia)
"Our trip accross Europe was very fun and exciting. Zopfi travel provided us flexible schedule and that we could decide our very own destinations. We enjoyed our fun family trip so much as we were not abide to such strict schedule. Due to his excellent and friendly services we feel very happy with the trip and we would like to travel again with Zopfi Travel."
Ms. Liolyta Anggreini, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"We really had a great time during our trip in Europe with Zopfi Travel and Marten as our local guide because he's very flexible with our schedule. We had so many requests but he was able to make all of those happen too. He can guide and explain you not only the history but also all non tour related request. We see him more as a friend than tour leader. He is highly recommended for anyone who wants a private tour. Two thumbs up! All the best to Zopfi Travel!"
Ms. Jeniffer Stenlie, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Our Euro trip to 14 cities in 9 countries with our friends was a very successful 16 days journey. With a very tight and ambitious itinerary (we've learned from it 🙂 ), we proposed to Zopfi Travel, he made it happened due to his professionalism and excellent services. Our journey was not a mere trip to the 'touristy' places but also to other beautiful places. We could feel the local atmosphere as we took public transportations and tasted the local cuisines, it was awesome. Other benefits of travelling with mr. Zopfi is having a very friendly tour guide and not to mention his extensive knowledge on the historical sites in Europe, very knowledgeable. In addition, he also speaks many languages including a little bit of Indonesian which helped a lot in bargaining at the shops and ordering food. We thank you very much Zopfi Travel for the excellent service so that we had a wonderful trip with such an ambitious itinerary. Thanks to Marten Zopfi for always notifying us to hurry for the next destinations, which was good as we wanted to visit many places. It has been a pleasure and unforgettable trip for us."
Ms. Irma Calista, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Super fun and military! I think those two words are best to describe our Europe trip with Mr. Marten. Why super fun? He is still young, which is good as he could connect with our conversations. In addition, he is also funny, cute, a bit sarcastic in a good way, and surprisingly very caring to us his ducklings as we always follow him wherever he goes. He remembers little things about us including our favourite snacks and the moment we miss Indonesian food, he shows up with Padang food for dinner. This thing is pretty rare to be found in most tour providers. Seriously, he is a super cool tour guide (he must be flying reading this comment hahahah!). Why military? Because we want so many things, we want shopping, we want to visit many places, we want to eat delicious food, we want this and we want that. Thanks to Marten he makes it all happen. Even if we must run here and there and have some silly moments.. at the end we make all wishes come true and everybody is very happy. It is super fun and I definitely am recommending him for your Europe tour guide/provider! It is so much better rather than using super tight and boring schedule provided by other tour agencies. With this guy, your Europe trip is going to be super fun! Cheers to Zopfi Travel! We know you will miss us that bad.."
Ms. Patricia Katinka, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"Trip with Zopfi Travel was such an amazing experience. We could arrange the itinerary as we want, unlike most of the tour providers who would only take us to touristy places. Zopfi Travel could arrange the trip to the beautiful 'unusual' destinations and certainly very worth visiting. Marten Zopfi is very capable, professional, fun to discuss with, and patient in dealing with his clients, especially we (women) who like to go shopping and taking pictures. A LOT! 😛 Thank you Marten for dealing with us together hahaha, but you had an unforgettable moment too right? 😉 And BIG SUCCESS for Zopfi Travel! Cheers!"
Ms. Stephanie Agatha, Jakarta (Indonesia)
"My family and I had a great three weeks private tour around Europe! People can contact me to ask for our experience with Zopfi Travel."
Mr. Wedhas Haryawan, Bali (Indonesia)
"Our dream to travel Europe has finally come true.. Together with Zopfi Travel, my husband and I were bringing two children, one of whom was a little child. We really enjoyed the trip without any fuss because Zopfi Travel provides excellent services such as family with his private trips. Marten Zopfi drove us to all beautiful places in Europe, we felt safe and had a comfortable ride. 2 or 3 years from now we will go back to Europe again for a nice tour with Zopfi Travel.. So for you who are going on vacation to Europe do not hesitate to use Zopfi Travel services, which will impress you and make your trip a long-lasting beautiful memory. Thanks Zopfi Travel, glad to have used your service!"
Mrs. Indah Cahaya Damayanti, Bali (Indonesia)
"First of all we would like to thank Zopfi Travel for being a very good guide in our Europe trip. It was started from the moment we planned our trip around Europe, we (me, my husband and my daughter Lystra) were looking at a couple of travel companies. The tours from those travel agencies we contacted did not fit in our vacation schedule and that we needed to wait until a minimum of 16 people sign up for the trip. Because there were not enough participants, the journey was delayed. Eventually we found Zopfi Tavel through internet, which offers European tour packages with flexibility in the schedule and participants number. At first, we rather doubted whether this travel company is good or not because we did not know it, and it was not famous. However, after communicating and negotiating through WhatsApp, we finally decided to travel with Zopfi Travel. It turned out Zopfi Travel could take us around the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany with a comfortable and enjoyable experience, and more importantly, the costs were relatively low. Since there were only the three of us, we didn’t had to chase time and join another group. We had so much fun. My advice to friends from Indonesia, if you want to travel around Europe in ease and joy, contact Marten Zopfi (the owner of Zopfi Travel). He is friendly and he masters many languages, including a bit of Indonesian. Don't wait, join Zopfi Travel..😁"
Mrs. Arita Tarigan, Kabanjahe, North Sumatra (Indonesia)



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